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Mastering the Craft: Tips for Setting Up Your Adina Hookah

Welcome to the world of Adina Hookahs! Properly setting up your Adina hookah is essential for a smooth and enjoyable shisha smoking experience. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned hookah enthusiast, mastering the craft of setting up your Adina hookah will enhance your sessions and ensure optimal flavor and smoke production. In this guide, […]

From Traditional to Trendy: Evolution of Hookah Vase/Bases in Contemporary Culture

In hookah smoking, the vessel that holds the water, commonly known as the vase or base, has undergone a fascinating transformation over the years. What was once a purely functional element has now become a statement piece, reflecting contemporary hookah enthusiasts’ diverse tastes and preferences. Let’s delve into the evolution of hookah vases/bases and how […]

Maintenance Tips for Your Shishabucks Hookah: Keeping Your Sessions Smooth and Flavorful

Welcome to ShishaPlus, where we’re committed to enhancing your shisha experience. Today, we’ll delve into maintaining your Shishabucks hookah to ensure every session is as smooth and flavorful as the first. A well-maintained hookah not only guarantees a delightful smoking experience but also prolongs the life of your equipment. Discover some crucial upkeep advice to […]

The Rise of Hookah Culture in Canada: Exploring the Allure of Hawk Hookahs

In recent years, Canada has witnessed a remarkable surge in the popularity of hookah culture. The enchanting aromas, social ambiance, and unique flavors have contributed to the rise of this ancient practice. Among the myriad of hookah brands captivating enthusiasts nationwide, one name is Hawk Hookahs from Shisha Plus. Let’s delve into the allure of […]

Maklaud Hookah and Health: Separating Myths from Facts

Maklaud Hookah has become a popular choice among hookah enthusiasts, but concerns about its impact on health often linger. This comprehensive guide will dive into the common myths surrounding Maklaud Hookah and health, separating fiction from evidence-based facts. Shisha Plus empowers you with knowledge, allowing you to enjoy your hookah experience responsibly. Myth: Hookah is […]

Why Choose Steamulation Hookah for a Premium Smoking Experience?


When it comes to enjoying a premium hookah smoking experience, choosing your hookah is paramount. Steamulation Hookahs have earned a stellar reputation for their exceptional quality and the unparalleled experience they offer to hookah enthusiasts. In this blog, we’ll explore the compelling reasons to choose Steamulation Hookah for a top-tier smoking experience, shedding light on […]

Grommet Maintenance: Keeping Your Hookah Setup Airtight and Optimal


A perfectly crafted hookah experience relies on various components working seamlessly together. One such crucial element is the grommet, a small yet mighty piece that ensures an airtight seal between different parts of your hookah setup. Proper grommet maintenance is vital to achieving optimal airflow, enhancing flavor delivery, and making the most of your shisha […]

Choosing the Perfect Hookah Base: A Guide to Style, Function, and Quality


The hookah base is not just a functional component of your hookah setup; it also plays a significant role in enhancing your overall smoking experience. Selecting the perfect hookah base requires careful consideration of style, functionality, and quality. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of choosing the ideal hookah base, […]